Benefits of Syntol

    Syntol AMD bottle

    -Restores Healthy Levels of Fungus

    -Stimulates Beneficial Microflora Production

    -Normalizes Digestive System Cleansing

    -Optimizes Nutrition Absorption Levels

    -Supports Healthy Immune Function

    The blend of ingredients in Syntol AMD (Advanced Microflora Delivery), from Arthur Andrew Medical, is designed specifically to be restorative, yet gentle on your system. You see, Syntol contains a combination of prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes, yielding 13.6 billion CFU’s per serving in its proprietary formula.

    According to Syntol researchers, it’s the proper balance of all of these components that is required for the task.

    This combination of ingredients makes it the first product of its kind to gently bring Candida under control.

    Syntol is:

    Free of dairy, gluten, and soy allergens.
    Contains no artificial colors or preservatives.


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    Acid Armor capsules provide a healthier alternative to the traditional enteric-coated capsules. Acid Armor capsules are a denser cellulose (vegetable) capsule, allowing for greater protection from the acidic environment of the stomach. This makes it possible for the contents of the capsule to release gradually, while making their way through the body.

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    • Clinical Report

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      Study Shows Syntol Natural Anti-fungal Kills Yeast without Side-Effects